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Suicide vs. Depression

Warning: this is going to be a pretty intense and deep post. Something that I’ve been pondering the last few weeks, is that I am curious to know if it’s possible for someone to be suicidal without necessarily being depressed? I kinda want to know people’s opinions on this before I spitball my thoughts, but … Continue reading

This one’s about Courtney

So, you remember the post I did a few weeks ago about that beautiful girl I knew through association who was lost to depression and suicide? Well, as a part of mental health week, Triple J have been discussing anxiety and depression with loads of people and all sorts of battles and ways to overcome … Continue reading

Sign your name; help save lives.

I know my blog doesn’t reach a great deal of followers, and that’s fine. But I really want to stress the awareness I want to help create about depression. For those of you that follow me regularly or semi-regularly, you would have remembered a post about an optimist with depression after I heard about the … Continue reading

What It’s Like To Be Optimistic And Depressed At The Same Time

What It’s Like To Be Optimistic And Depressed At The Same Time

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
dannyrozenblit Being a very happy, optimistic person with depression is a strange combination. When there is talk of someone struggling with depression, most people assume they’re miserable. They can’t laugh, they can’t smile, they can’t enjoy themselves, they don’t feel happiness. Depression can be enveloping, it can take over your…

I don’t wanna die anymore

For some reason, I love The Smith Street Band. I think their music is actually kind of shitty, but I just love them regardless…because, yeah, I’m weird like that. If you haven’t heard of them, they are an Aussie band which comes across quite noticeably throughout their songs, and personally I think the singing is pretty terrible (not … Continue reading

Music = Emotions

Bob Marley once said “One good thing about music is, when it hits you feel no pain” But I don’t believe that. I mean no disrespect to old Bob, I admire him and his music inside and out. But this line…I don’t. Music is such an emotional tool for me and it makes me feel … Continue reading

Blue as your eyes

Sunday night, why do you always make me feel so blue? P.S. It’s been a long while since I’ve listened to this song but, I love Lifehouse.

A night of self-doubt and destruction

Every once in a while when I hear David Gray’s “This Years Love”, it brings me to tears. Last night was again, one of those times, which always leaves me reeling into a pit of despair and self-doubt. I can’t explain exactly what brought those emotions on, nor can I precisely describe what I was … Continue reading

Sunday Night Blues

Ahhh…it’s that time of the week again where I feel all kinds of weird feelings. For those people who follow my instagram account at all would be well acquainted with the fact that almost every Sunday night I post a photo that correlates to my #sundaynightblues. Oh god, did I just hashtag on my blog?! … Continue reading