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Aerial Love

I was never a huge fan of Silverchair, I think I was probably a bit too young for their style of music at the time – however I did like a handful of their songs, just not a whole lot. Anyway, frontman Daniel Johns has (very recently) released a new single from his forthcoming EP in … Continue reading

The bible is just a book

Disclaimer: First and foremost, I do not intend to offend anyone (in general life, but mostly in this post). This is not me having a stab at any religions. I am respectful of everyone’s beliefs and I do not wish to undermine anyone’s personal opinions on religion or life. I am simply stating a conclusion … Continue reading

Are you too busy?

Do you want to know what each and every human being on this earth has in common with each other? The amount of hours per day. No one is ever “too busy”, we all just have different priorities. Do what makes you happy. We are the creators of our own destiny. We are the creations … Continue reading

Words…and how you take them

Writing is a very interesting thing because it can be taken so completely out of context and sometimes the people who read it can take one little thing the complete opposite way that you are trying to say. Even if you repeat it and state it so clearly that your fingers hurt! For example…I can … Continue reading

I Love Diversity

Well, it’s no surprise that I love music, especially going to gigs and all sorts of things that involve “live music”, so last night I went to a gig with my ultimate “gig buddy”, I swear she is my perfect match when it comes to music. My complete vastness of what I enjoy, she reciprocates. … Continue reading