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Time out

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m back to being computer-less. And I hate typing blog posts on my phone; so unfortunately I’m going to have a bit of time out again until I get myself sorted with a new computer.  But for now, I found something that I want to repost because it punched me right … Continue reading

The missing piece to finish the puzzle

In my haste to document how things ended up with J, I realised I left out some fairly vital information on what was going on in my head the weeks leading up to the visit. Despite the fact that I didn’t want a relationship with him, I couldn’t help but have these really weird feelings … Continue reading

My happy ending

A little while ago I mentioned briefly of moving interstate and ‘leaving someone behind’ who meant a lot to me. Let’s call him J. After three months of being apart, I went back down to Melbourne for a weekend, and caught up with J. (And just to clarify, this person is also the one I … Continue reading

I don’t play games

I sat down to write a post about something entirely different. A book review actually; that I’ll get to at a later date. As I sat down to start writing, a friend texted me telling me about this guy she’s been chatting with. She mentioned something about the fact that he just sent her a … Continue reading

The beach

As most people probably know, the beach is my happy place. It always gives me a sense of clarity and joy. But the beach isn’t just my happy place. It’s also my sad place; my angry place; my thinking place; my nostalgic place; my exercise place; my brooding place; my place of all sorts of … Continue reading

Anchor – Birds of Tokyo

Uggghhhh…..so many songs are hitting all sorts of emotions inside me right now. I’m actually obsessed with a bunch of amazing new songs at the moment. But I needed to post this one tonight, for reasons I don’t even really know. ANCHOR LYRICS: Written by Birds of Tokyo We stayed afloat for just a while … Continue reading