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I want my kids to know me*

*if I ever have kids. During recent conversations with my nan and aunty (my mum’s sister), I have gotten to know more about what my mum was like when she was younger…and also a little bit about dad when he first came in the scene. I’ve said to my brother countless times in the past … Continue reading

That time at Alcatraz

Back in about 1997 I think it was, my family went on a trip to America, and one of our adventures was to the famous Alcatraz. We had the old school cassette tape tour (as I assume it’s updated to mp3 players or something now), and I was a tad late at pushing play in … Continue reading

My opinion on polygamy: take one

Firstly, I feel it’s quite evident in some of my blog posts at the moment that my uni subject Sexuality and Society is really making me think this semester – probably more so than any other subject before. One thing (of many) that we have been covering is the notion of polygamy. For those of you … Continue reading


I love my brother. He is one of the greatest people in my life and has been probably one of the biggest influencers as well. Over the past weekend where he spontaneously came down to visit, we had many conversations about anything, everything and nothing in between. I can’t remember what exactly we were talking … Continue reading