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RAW for the oceans

On my walk to uni from the car park, I pass a poster that is this RAW for the oceans. I didn’t quite know what it was or about, but I eventually remembered to look it up yesterday when I got home. It’s a clothing line curated by Pharrell Williams that basically cleans up the … Continue reading

The Wake Up Project

About a week or so ago a friend told me about these kindness cards, so, naturally I ordered some. They were delivered in the mail a couple of days ago, and I’m super excited to begin my journey of showing the world some more kindness with the intention of paying it forward (I’m generally fairly … Continue reading

Why become a vegan you ask?

Earlier tonight a friend sent me a link to a debate based on why animals should be taken off menus, which was great. And after I finished watching it, I went on a bit of a YouTube browse and came across this guy Gary Yourofsky‘sΒ lecture, and OH Β MY GOD he is amazing! He completely refers … Continue reading

LOOTB #2068: Jose

LOOTB #2068: Jose

Originally posted on LOOTB Gives:
This cute little dude is Jose. He is 7 years old, his favorite subject in school is math and when he grows up he wants to be a firefighter! He lives and goes to school in a small rural town called Santa Catarina on the edge of Lake AtitlΓ‘n in…

Exchange vs. Volunteering

Since I started uni about 20 months ago I was set on going on exchange. I wanted to do it from the get go, but I spoke to the exchange advisers and I had to complete a certain amount of units at my own uni before applying for exchange. So I waited patiently and kept … Continue reading