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Dear blog, I’m sorry that I’m so neglectful of you. I have no excuses, nothing. I guess I don’t love writing as much as I thought I did. Or maybe it’s because I think I’m not good enough. Or even that my stories, ideas, thoughts, are worth sharing. I honestly don’t know what it is. … Continue reading

People and Change

I must say, this opinion of people changing really hits the nail on the head. So many people think and believe that “people can’t change” (or don’t change).  But I disagree.  I believe that change is entirely  possible. I’ve seen it with my own eyes…hell, I’ve seen it within myself!  I love learning and growing … Continue reading

When you’re unsure about life 

If you’re unsure of where your life is headed, consider yourself lucky, because it means everything is possible for you to do. I saw this on someone’s instagram the other day, and I realised how much it actually rings true to my life. Whenever people ask me questions that I don’t have a specific answer … Continue reading

Day: 3 – what are your top 5 pet peeves?

Top 5 pet peeves…I’m sure I’ve mentioned some before, but I’m happy to create a list of them. In no particular order… Liars – I can’t stand liars. I try to be as honest as possible, without hurting people’s feelings, so I ask that everyone shows that same respect. Being Ignored – If someone asks … Continue reading

Day: 1 – discuss your current relationship

My current relationship – is with myself. As per my previous post on self-care, our relationships with ourselves is the most important thing for us, and for every other person and relationship in our lives. My first step is looking after myself. That isn’t to say that I’m not open to others and relationships etc, … Continue reading

The Storm

Daily Prompt: The Storm She weathered the storm whether she liked it or not. Because each little storm taught her how to be stronger than before. And each time the storm passed; brought an even greater sunshine.    

Why are people mean to others?

I just don’t get it. I hardly ever watch music videos, I just don’t have much of an interest in them, and sometimes they can alter the way I feel about a song. Tonight, I was listening to a random playlist on YouTube, and in a moment of repose and tea drinking, my attention to … Continue reading

Suicide vs. Depression

Warning: this is going to be a pretty intense and deep post. Something that I’ve been pondering the last few weeks, is that I am curious to know if it’s possible for someone to be suicidal without necessarily being depressed? I kinda want to know people’s opinions on this before I spitball my thoughts, but … Continue reading

December 25th

On this exact day two years ago, my whole world broke into a million pieces. On this exact day one year ago, music and the beach saved my life. I managed to find all the broken pieces, and over the past 12 months I have been slowly putting them back together. I think it’s safe … Continue reading

I am not my labels

I’m trying to find words to complement this video…but I can’t. It pretty much sums up my thoughts on labels so much. I wrote something a while back about being labelled a vego or something (I can’t find the post), and I just think labels aren’t life or anything. Anyway, watch the vid. We are … Continue reading

It sounds like a lame cliché

I like to live in the ‘now’. Yes, it sounds like a lame cliché. “Live in the now maaann”. But I really am the type of person who thrives on living in the ‘present moment’. From little things like eating chocolate because I feel like tasting it, rather than thinking about the future effects it … Continue reading

Metaphor: part 3

The waters got cold and murky, churning and crashing; pushing my body underneath, leaving me bruised and hurt, and gasping for air.

My opinion on polygamy: take two

A few months ago I wrote about my thoughts on polygamous relationships…and another idea just popped into my head about this sort of lifestyle. One particular friend that reads this will completely disagree with what I’m about to say, because I recall having conversations with her about this years ago and (provided her thoughts haven’t … Continue reading

Metaphor: part 2

THE WATERS ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR AND PERFECT TEMPERATURE!!!! 🙂 My luck is getting better and my days just keep getting happier. Thank you universe, you’re doing well!

It’s been a while

since I have felt anything even remotely like how I am feeling now/have been feeling lately. AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! I’ll write more on this at a later date (I need to be writing essays right now) but I just wanted to say I’m really fucking happy and excited. Things are looking up, life … Continue reading

I had an epiphany!

I had an epiphany. I’ve always wanted to say that…But more importantly, I’ve always wanted to say that, and for it to be the truth. For which it is when I say it right now! I had an epiphany. Some time over the past week or two, I’ve realised what it is I want to do … Continue reading

I don’t wanna die anymore

For some reason, I love The Smith Street Band. I think their music is actually kind of shitty, but I just love them regardless…because, yeah, I’m weird like that. If you haven’t heard of them, they are an Aussie band which comes across quite noticeably throughout their songs, and personally I think the singing is pretty terrible (not … Continue reading

I don’t give up

“I’m not the type of person to give up on someone. Yes, sometimes I get really mad and upset so I need time to cool off, but I’ll never abandon you. I don’t leave people. And I think that’s why it always hurts so bad when people leave me.” I saw this quote on instagram … Continue reading


It’s been a year! Congratulations to me for being a vegetarian a whole year*! *Ok, well not completely. And I’m unsure of the specific date, but I do remember this much; that we went out to dinner for my mum’s birthday on the 29th last year, and I ordered a vego meal with a few … Continue reading

Putting the parts together

Today’s daily prompt: Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow. This was taken from the book 2nd Chance by James Patterson. “My mind tried over and over to put together the parts.” Ha! What a line. It seems like this line is … Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect

“It has been said that something seemingly insignificant, like that of a butterfly flapping its wings may cause a ripple effect that can take you on new adventures beyond your wildest dreams. Be as free as a butterfly, say yes instead of no, and go with the ripples.”