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Mantras for my 30s

Forget all the bullshit. Appreciate what you’ve got. Love the people close to you. Forgive the ones who’ve hurt you. Focus on things that make you happy. Smile more. Worry less. Let go – let go of anything holding you back and stopping you from creating your happiness. Embrace the weirdo within you. And never … Continue reading

Mantra 9/6/2014

Upon watching the filmΒ ‘Into the Wild’Β last night (for only the second time in my life), I am still moved and inspired by the movie/story/life of Chris McCandless. There are some aspects of what he did that I wish, or hope, one day that I can do. Although I would never go to the extent he … Continue reading

Mantra 2/6/2014

Holy shit I can’t believe it’s June already. The perceptual speed of life is an interesting one, especially when there are phrases out there that say “time flies when you’re having fun”…well that’s not ALWAYS true. And it’s also not ALWAYS true that it feels like time goes quicker when you’re busy. It’s also a … Continue reading

Mantra 26/5/2014

Thanks to a dear friend whose birthday it is today (a big happy birthday to you!), my mantra for this week is all about letting things be what they are and unfold as they do. The last few days have been a big struggle for me, and I just need to be reminded to take … Continue reading

Missing my Mantra

I am having a lot of trouble finding a mantra for today/this week. In fact, I’m having a lot of trouble with, well, a lot of things lately. I kind of feel like I’m in no man’s land at the moment, and I guess in many ways, I am in a bit of a place … Continue reading

Mantra 12/5/2014

I have a fair bit to say in relation to what led me to this week’s mantra, but I won’t. Mostly because the words and sentences are all jumbled in my head and I know that I won’t be able to form them into something that will come across as understandable. And also because there … Continue reading

Mantra 5/5/2014

In light of my recent decision to convert to being a vegan, I came across a mantra that can relate to both this lifestyle choice, and also in general life as well. “I am part of something amazing and I am grateful to have found this path” Life is amazing and the gift of life … Continue reading

Mantra 28/4/2014

This week’s mantra comes from the quote above. Supposedly it is a quote byΒ Shakespeare, but the internet is not much of a reliable source of information most of the time, especially when it comes to quotes and sayings by famous people – or importantly – dead, famous people. Anyhow, the point remains the same no … Continue reading

Mantra 21/4/2014

I dreamt about death last night. I’m not going to elaborate on what my dream was about exactly, but there is a reason I am telling you this in order to understand this week’s mantra. I will clarify however that it wasn’t me who died in my dream. And actually, this isn’t the first time … Continue reading

Mantra 14/4/2014

This week’s mantra comes from some advice a friend gave me the other day when I told him I get anxious about space, stars and galaxies, that there is so much more out there than what we know or could ever interpret or understand, or probably even estimate! I get anxious about it because we … Continue reading

Mantra 7/4/2014

This week’s mantra comes from the lyrics of my current favourite John Butler Trio song ‘spring to come‘. This song is so smooth and flowy and I feel like it’s that perfect combination of sad, relaxed positivity. Which I guess is kinda how I have been feeling lately. So…this week I’m going to remember: ‘out … Continue reading

Mantra 31/3/2014

This week’s mantra is a simple one that was actually the first thought that came into my head when I woke up this morning. After a weekend of overcoming different kinds of fears, and insecurities for myself and a few people around me, I woke up today and thought to myself: “I can achieve great … Continue reading

Mantra 24/3/2014

And so another week begins. The mantra for this week is a very simple one, although, I can guarantee most people don’t realise the power of this simple task. “I give what I want to receive” I could elaborate a lot on this mantra and what it means, and how to use it to the … Continue reading

Mantra 17/3/2014

This week’s mantra doesn’t come from the book I usually use, instead, it comes from an app I have on my phone which gives me daily quotes and tasks relating to the given quote. So, for this week’s mantra, I’m going to use today’s quote: “I always prefer to believe the best of everybody; it … Continue reading

Mantra 10/3/2014

This week’s mantra is: “Each moment is new and fresh. I live totally in the present. I am powerful in the present moment. I love and approve of myself.” I don’t have much to say on this mantra today, so I invite you all to reflect on each of the little sentences and really focus … Continue reading

Mantra 3/3/2014

So this weeks mantra is “Begin each day by liking everyone you meet” I found this to be very fitting for this week, as it’s the first week back at uni for the year. So naturally I’m going to meet a few new people here and there. I just need to remember this point every … Continue reading

Mantra 24/2/14

This week’s mantra is: “The key to joy and happiness is to love many things with a passion.” I’ve been trying for a while to not hate anything. To try and love everything. As to try and follow this rule or belief, I got myself a kitten. I usually hate cats, can’t stand them, they … Continue reading

Mantra 17/2/14

This weeks mantra: “Enjoy your experiences in the present rather than worrying about how things will turn out in the end” I need to remember to stop thinking in the future so much. Although I don’t do it a whole lot of the time, but every now and again, as all humans do, I think … Continue reading

Mantra 10/2/14

As I stated last week…I will be updating my mantras on here each Monday morning after I write them up on my board in my room. This week is: “I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power of my own mind to create my own circumstances.” The human mind is an amazing tool … Continue reading

Weekly mantras

Upon my desire to create new beginnings, and to re-invent myself, I have decided to write up a weekly mantra (or motto, or whatever you want to call it) on the whiteboard in my room. Every Monday morning I will wake up, flip through this book (pictured) and find a new one that I will … Continue reading