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A materialistic attachment to my hair

There are two things you should know about my hair: I love it. It’s been long, flowy and mermaid-like for the past 3 or so years. I’ve held great attachment to it and really developed a materialistic idealisation of it and its length. I like changing my hair when I go through some pretty big … Continue reading

I can’t place this feeling

The title says it all. I have this feeling inside me that I can’t quite figure out (it’s not a new one, I’ve had it before…but I can never put my finger on what it is). It’s like a mixture of being scared and anxious, added to feeling lost and drained with worry and confusion … Continue reading

An unexpected Saturday night.

What does one do on a typical Saturday night? Go out drinking? Stay at home and watch a movie? Do some study? Well, when I woke up yesterday morning, I never in a million years expected to spend the night in a closed up ice cream shop making ice cream with a total stranger until … Continue reading

I don’t wanna die anymore

For some reason, I love The Smith Street Band. I think their music is actually kind of shitty, but I just love them regardless…because, yeah, I’m weird like that. If you haven’t heard of them, they are an Aussie band which comes across quite noticeably throughout their songs, and personally I think the singing is pretty terrible (not … Continue reading

Cape Woolamai

Yesterday I went on an adventure! Since I moved to Melbourne…almost a year ago (WHAT?!) I have been meaning to go out on a hike or walk somewhere, but for a few different reasons, I didn’t get around to doing anything. Until yesterday that is! I looked up a few walking tracks around the coastal … Continue reading

When in doubt…go for a run…and dance!

I forgot how much I enjoy running. Firstly, that’s a weird statement coming from me. However, let me explain myself a bit. Almost my entire life I’d never been a keen exerciser. My brother and sister were always the more athletic ones in the family, and I would opt for sitting on the beach rather … Continue reading

Winter is here.

I wish I was a bear. Today is officially the first day of winter. My first official proper Melbourne winter, and I’m already wanting to hibernate. I’m pretty sure I was a bear in a past life, because the cold just makes me sleepy and I want to stay in bed until spring time. I … Continue reading

Just another sunset

This post is for Clare’s photo of the week. I mean, do I really need to explain this photo and why it appeals to me? It’s the epitome of beauty in all its simplicity, yet so immensely complex at the same time. Nature will never cease to amaze me, and evenings like this just blow my … Continue reading

I ended up somewhere over the rainbow

She dreamed of a place where her mind would rest; her body would relax. She dreamed of feeling freedom in a different way; tingly, and content in every way. She dreamed of breathing in a salty air; breathing in and out more slowly. She dreamed of a happy place; a place of peace, where life … Continue reading

Shopping for opportunity

I’ve always loved shopping at op shops. There are so many great and wonderful things to be found, and generally items are in a sense, “original”. What I mean by that is that if you go shopping at your average shop in a shopping centre, you will find a number of the same item in … Continue reading


Gah! Quick rant. Why are Melbourne (Victorian perhaps?) people so impatient?! Ok, so that’s a generalisation, yes. But since I’ve been here (all of about 4-5 months), I’ve seen way more than my fair share of people run red lights, start making a move before the lights turn green, even to the point where they … Continue reading


Ahhhh!! I haven’t even watched this doco yet, or gone through the majority of the website BUT I felt the need to share it as soon as I could. I’ve been seeing signs all around Melbourne at the moment for this ‘cowspiracy’ documentary and I only just remembered/had the chance to look it up now. … Continue reading

Recharing the old batteries

I’ve been meaning to get out to my friend’s place for a visit for a while now, and this weekend I finally got around to doing it. I hadn’t been to her (and her partner’s) place since I first moved down to Melbourne when it was freezing and foggy every day, so this weekend was … Continue reading