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You have changed the world

You are a drop in the ocean. You are the ripple. You are a butterfly effect. You have changed so many people’s lives without even realising. You have changed the world. Think about it. If you weren’t born, every single person that you’ve been in contact with, or interacted with over however many years you’ve … Continue reading

It’s a sunshine day

The other night I was at work, and while I was making dinner, my all time favourite guilty pleasure movie was on TV: The Brady Bunch. When this scene came on I realised why I love this movie so much. (It is so lame and tacky, but I can’t help have this immense love for … Continue reading

Mantra 7/4/2014

This week’s mantra comes from the lyrics of my current favourite John Butler Trio song ‘spring to come‘. This song is so smooth and flowy and I feel like it’s that perfect combination of sad, relaxed positivity. Which I guess is kinda how I have been feeling lately. So…this week I’m going to remember: ‘out … Continue reading

Instructions For A Bad Day

This little video came to this morning…right when I needed it most. I’ve had a bit of a shocking week in relation to emotions and thoughts and just everything. I haven’t been coping well at all. Then I watched this and I am pushed to realise the things I have been forgetting lately. So I … Continue reading

Weekly mantras

Upon my desire to create new beginnings, and to re-invent myself, I have decided to write up a weekly mantra (or motto, or whatever you want to call it) on the whiteboard in my room. Every Monday morning I will wake up, flip through this book (pictured) and find a new one that I will … Continue reading

Find You, Save Me.

I am beginning to find myself again. In order to save myself, I need to get back on my feet and start living my life again. I have started reading a really interesting and thought-provoking book (courtesy of a friend for understanding where I am/was with life recently). This book is amazing. I have only … Continue reading