Posted in January 2017

Time out

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m back to being computer-less. And I hate typing blog posts on my phone; so unfortunately I’m going to have a bit of time out again until I get myself sorted with a new computer.  But for now, I found something that I want to repost because it punched me right … Continue reading

An adventure to Utopia

During my 10 day break over the Christmas and new year period, a friend came up to visit me, and we went on a little adventure to the Utopia Rock Pools. I had heard about them a few months ago, but wasn’t quite sure where they were, or even how far away. After having a … Continue reading

The reason I’ve been MIA

To those of you who wait and ponder over what my next post is about, or what’s the new chapter of my life story; I apologise for making you sit and squirm in anticipation! I have been MIA for one main reason; and that is, that about two months ago, my home had been broken … Continue reading