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Things I find at the beach…

I have been lucky enough to visit and travel to several other countries, and I can safely say that Australia is quite clean in comparison to some; which I appreciate. However, we still have a bit of an issue with people disposing of rubbish in places other than the bins that have been provided in … Continue reading

Dating myself

I’ve always been rather timid of going out to restaurants by myself. I’m not entirely sure why, but I just hated it. But after a conversation with a friend last week I realised I needed to get over the fear of whatever was stopping me doing (or not doing) that. So tonight, I took myself … Continue reading

Today was a magical day

The journey of today. Today was one of those days. You know, the type of day where you don’t really have any proper plans, you just drift through what you feel and it ends up being a really relaxing, peaceful and magical day. It started with catching up with a friend of mine who I … Continue reading


Response to the Daily Prompt: Beach No words needed. The beach is my everything place.

You’re Out of Your Mind

Whoa this song! A friend shared it with me a few months ago, but back then, I wasn’t really feeling it. And then about a week or so ago, I was on the beach watching the sunset, dancing to my most recently loved songs on my phone, when this one popped up, and I stopped, … Continue reading

December 25th

On this exact day two years ago, my whole world broke into a million pieces. On this exact day one year ago, music and the beach saved my life. I managed to find all the broken pieces, and over the past 12 months I have been slowly putting them back together. I think it’s safe … Continue reading

The beach

As most people probably know, the beach is my happy place. It always gives me a sense of clarity and joy. But the beach isn’t just my happy place. It’s also my sad place; my angry place; my thinking place; my nostalgic place; my exercise place; my brooding place; my place of all sorts of … Continue reading

When in doubt…go for a run…and dance!

I forgot how much I enjoy running. Firstly, that’s a weird statement coming from me. However, let me explain myself a bit. Almost my entire life I’d never been a keen exerciser. My brother and sister were always the more athletic ones in the family, and I would opt for sitting on the beach rather … Continue reading

I ended up somewhere over the rainbow

She dreamed of a place where her mind would rest; her body would relax. She dreamed of feeling freedom in a different way; tingly, and content in every way. She dreamed of breathing in a salty air; breathing in and out more slowly. She dreamed of a happy place; a place of peace, where life … Continue reading

Island Girl at Heart

I can’t even remember how I came across this song the other day, but I just felt an instant warming, island connection. It has such smooth,reggae-ish, island vibes that make me feel so fuzzy. Ah, I love it! I really miss my island home at the moment. I’m really missing beach, the humidity, the relaxed … Continue reading

A weekend away from the city

So, lately I have been feeling very flat, lonely, anti-social, numb, etc. and I think a lot of it may have to do with living in the city. I’ve never really been a city person, but I just learned to adapt over the years whenever I live there. At the moment I feel like my … Continue reading