Posted in November 2014

A thank you, to YOU

Is there a person you should’ve thanked, but never had the chance? Is there someone who helped you along the way without even realizing it? Here’s your chance to express your belated gratitude. I want to send my thanks to you. Yes, you in front of the computer screen who is reading this right now. I … Continue reading

The Next Chapter

I have so many things to look forward to! There are so many new changes coming into my life which is creating a whole new chapter. And I’m overly excited about it all!! I thought 2013 was a shitty year; as it turns out, it was just the prelude to what would be a somewhat … Continue reading

The bible is just a book

Disclaimer: First and foremost, I do not intend to offend anyone (in general life, but mostly in this post). This is not me having a stab at any religions. I am respectful of everyone’s beliefs and I do not wish to undermine anyone’s personal opinions on religion or life. I am simply stating a conclusion … Continue reading

prose for a sunday night

As Sunday night approaches Another weekend comes to a close. I drift off to dreamland The wafting smell of warm spring air coming through the window Mixing with burning incense swirling on the shelf. The sound of birds getting ready to settle for the night And distant traffic flow in and out of earshot Blending … Continue reading

Olivia the Octagon

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album? Obviously I couldn’t not write about this as my love for music is featured throughout my blog. And if there’s one thing people notice, it might be … Continue reading

Wake me Up

“Life’s a game made for everyone, and love is a prize.” I’ve heard the song ‘wake me up’ by Avicii a number of times, and have even enjoyed singing along to it some of those times. Today I actually listened to the words properly, and this line struck a chord with me.

Well, I made it. (barely)

The title says it all really. I just finished my last exam for the semester. So now I’m officially on my summer holidays!! So why don’t I feel as fantastic and relieved as I should? Multiple reasons I guess. Main one is though that I’m fairly certain that I didn’t pass my exam. Which is … Continue reading

Happy Idiot

I don’t really know what it is about this song that gets inside my mind so much, but it just does. I’m not a big big fan of the song, I mean I like it, but I don’t love it. The lyrics however just wrap me up and repeat in my head all day. TV … Continue reading


Gah! Quick rant. Why are Melbourne (Victorian perhaps?) people so impatient?! Ok, so that’s a generalisation, yes. But since I’ve been here (all of about 4-5 months), I’ve seen way more than my fair share of people run red lights, start making a move before the lights turn green, even to the point where they … Continue reading

16 going on 27

Daily Prompt: Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to. You’re going to love travel, diversity and being lost in the unknown. Things are going to get harder. But there will also be … Continue reading


Ahhhh!! I haven’t even watched this doco yet, or gone through the majority of the website BUT I felt the need to share it as soon as I could. I’ve been seeing signs all around Melbourne at the moment for this ‘cowspiracy’ documentary and I only just remembered/had the chance to look it up now. … Continue reading

Voice Work

I’ve been thinking about this daily prompt for a little while now, and upon going through and reading some of my old posts, I’ve decided I wouldn’t want anyone else to be the voice of my blog except me. When I read posts, I obviously read them in my voice, and all my stories, opinions … Continue reading

A dropped bear

It really gets up my goat when guys drop their friends (who are girls in this instance) whenever they get a girlfriend. Why can’t we stay friends? I have this so-called ‘best friend’ who drops me like a fucking hot potato every time he gets a new girlfriend. I mean, I kind of understand why … Continue reading

Island Girl at Heart

I can’t even remember how I came across this song the other day, but I just felt an instant warming, island connection. It has such smooth,reggae-ish, island vibes that make me feel so fuzzy. Ah, I love it! I really miss my island home at the moment. I’m really missing beach, the humidity, the relaxed … Continue reading

Music = Emotions

Bob Marley once said “One good thing about music is, when it hits you feel no pain” But I don’t believe that. I mean no disrespect to old Bob, I admire him and his music inside and out. But this line…I don’t. Music is such an emotional tool for me and it makes me feel … Continue reading

Blue as your eyes

Sunday night, why do you always make me feel so blue? P.S. It’s been a long while since I’ve listened to this song but, I love Lifehouse.