Posted in February 2014

I Take It Back

Quite a few months ago, I wrote a post about a dream that I had which was about the end of the world, and in said post, I had stated that I would be somewhat ‘content’ to die now. I’m not saying that I want to die now or anything, I was just merely pointing … Continue reading

I Just Want The Simple Things

Monday nights are about two shows in particular that I watch. One of them is the showΒ Girls. At the end of last night’s episode a song started to play that I really liked the sound of, so I got on Shazam and found out what it was. Then I jumped straight onto YouTube and listened … Continue reading

Mantra 24/2/14

This week’s mantra is: “The key to joy and happiness is to love many things with a passion.” I’ve been trying for a while to not hate anything. To try and love everything. As to try and follow this rule or belief, I got myself a kitten. I usually hate cats, can’t stand them, they … Continue reading

A night of self-doubt and destruction

Every once in a while when I hear David Gray’s “This Years Love”, it brings me to tears. Last night was again, one of those times, which always leaves me reeling into a pit of despair and self-doubt. I can’t explain exactly what brought those emotions on, nor can I precisely describe what I was … Continue reading

Concentrate on unitasking

I have recently realised that I don’t ever concentrate on one thing in particular, meaning that the things that I do, will more or less be done in an “okay” fashion. Certain tasks that we do should require all of our attention and concentration in the aim for the outcome to be excellent (or something … Continue reading

Mantra 17/2/14

This weeks mantra: “Enjoy your experiences in the present rather than worrying about how things will turn out in the end” I need to remember to stop thinking in the future so much. Although I don’t do it a whole lot of the time, but every now and again, as all humans do, I think … Continue reading

How Did I Become The Enemy?

Holy fucking fuck I love music!! Sorry about the profanity, but I just can’t hold back when it comes to my love for music. I should be used to how much it amazes me when I find a new song that I instantly fall in love with, or a song that relates to my life … Continue reading

I don’t have OCD

A friend has recently been teasing me about supposedly having OCD. I don’t have OCD, however, there are certain things that do irritate me and leave me almost hyperventilating sometimes. Then today I stumbled across this site, and as I was browsing through the photos of “25 things that will piss off your friend with … Continue reading

Mantra 10/2/14

As I stated last week…I will be updating my mantras on here each Monday morning after I write them up on my board in my room. This week is: “I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power of my own mind to create my own circumstances.” The human mind is an amazing tool … Continue reading

Instructions For A Bad Day

This little video came to this morning…right when I needed it most. I’ve had a bit of a shocking week in relation to emotions and thoughts and just everything. I haven’t been coping well at all. Then I watched this and I am pushed to realise the things I have been forgetting lately. So I … Continue reading

One Last Time

Jaymes Young…I admire you in so many ways. Your voice. Your lyrics. Your sound. Everything about every piece of your music. I don’t think I’ve loved every single song of one particular artist in a long time. So thank you for being so fantastic at what you do and thank you for being exactly what … Continue reading

Life is all about the decisions we make

If this is the right thing, then why does it hurt so much? Throughout life we have to make many choices, and we are relatively in control of which direction our lives go. Sometimes the choices are simple, some are extremely challenging. We have to make decisions on what to wear, what to eat, where … Continue reading

Weekly mantras

Upon my desire to create new beginnings, and to re-invent myself, I have decided to write up a weekly mantra (or motto, or whatever you want to call it) on the whiteboard in my room. Every Monday morning I will wake up, flip through this book (pictured) and find a new one that I will … Continue reading