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Today was a magical day

The journey of today. Today was one of those days. You know, the type of day where you don’t really have any proper plans, you just drift through what you feel and it ends up being a really relaxing, peaceful and magical day. It started with catching up with a friend of mine who I … Continue reading

Sand Cloud

Have you ever wanted to buy a beach towel that is totally awesome AND helps save marine life? Well, check out this awesome site!  And help save the fishies 🙂 and more.  Jump onto the site and use this code at the checkout for a friendly discount: MOLIVIA25 http://www.sandcloudapparel.com/ Happy shopping and helping save the world. … Continue reading

Metaphor: part 3

The waters got cold and murky, churning and crashing; pushing my body underneath, leaving me bruised and hurt, and gasping for air.

Metaphor: part 2

THE WATERS ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR AND PERFECT TEMPERATURE!!!! 🙂 My luck is getting better and my days just keep getting happier. Thank you universe, you’re doing well!

Conversations (one)

Me: hey, you know how you can’t really go swimming up in North QLD in summer because of all the jellyfish? Is that the same in Western Australia? Flatmate: no, but there are more sharks. Me: …oh yeah. Dammit.

RAW for the oceans

On my walk to uni from the car park, I pass a poster that is this RAW for the oceans. I didn’t quite know what it was or about, but I eventually remembered to look it up yesterday when I got home. It’s a clothing line curated by Pharrell Williams that basically cleans up the … Continue reading