Posted in October 2016

A materialistic attachment to my hair

There are two things you should know about my hair: I love it. It’s been long, flowy and mermaid-like for the past 3 or so years. I’ve held great attachment to it and really developed a materialistic idealisation of it and its length. I like changing my hair when I go through some pretty big … Continue reading

The missing piece to finish the puzzle

In my haste to document how things ended up with J, I realised I left out some fairly vital information on what was going on in my head the weeks leading up to the visit. Despite the fact that I didn’t want a relationship with him, I couldn’t help but have these really weird feelings … Continue reading

The magic of K’Gari

Spontaneous adventures are the best! Yesterday a friend and I jumped on a bus, and headed over to K’Gari (as its Indigenous name, yet also known as Fraser Island). For those of you not familiar with Australia, K’Gari is the largest sand island off the East coast, and is home to some of the most … Continue reading

My happy ending

A little while ago I mentioned briefly of moving interstate and ‘leaving someone behind’ who meant a lot to me. Let’s call him J. After three months of being apart, I went back down to Melbourne for a weekend, and caught up with J. (And just to clarify, this person is also the one I … Continue reading

Spending the day naked

Since I moved here, I sleep naked; and I generally get around the house naked a fair bit of the time now too. (Fuck I love living on my own). Anyway, today I woke up and had breakfast then lazed about in bed for a couple of hours because hell, it’s the weekend, and it … Continue reading

Being brave

Today I was telling someone how I ended up where I did, and he asked if I had family or friends here; or if I was married or anything, I said ‘no’ to all of the above and that it’s just me and my dog. I told him that I moved up on an instinct … Continue reading

I would love to hear from you

Yes you! Yesterday my blog was viewed about 140 times in the day – which is a big thing for me. And about 120 of those views were in Australia. And almost every post of mine over the last few months was looked at; or at least clicked on. So I can safely assume it … Continue reading

And then she left

And then she left. By Sarah Harvey.  Maybe she was better at leaving than staying. Maybe she had made a huge mess of things again. All she knew was that her lungs were so tired of breathing in the suffocating scent of stale air and sour memories—she needed fresh evergreen breezes and the wild expanse of … Continue reading