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It’s been a while

since I have felt anything even remotely like how I am feeling now/have been feeling lately. AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! I’ll write more on this at a later date (I need to be writing essays right now) but I just wanted to say I’m really fucking happy and excited. Things are looking up, life … Continue reading


Despite the fact that I’m half-way through my FINAL semester of uni after 4 years…it has got me like Seth Sentry’s song “Dumb” πŸ˜‚

I was just having a sook

After a couple of days thinking about things, and talking to other people in relatively similar situations as me, I decided my last rant about uni and finances were just me having a bit of a whinge. I know I’m not the only one who will have to spend the next however many years repaying … Continue reading

It feels good to be kind

Parking at uni at the moment is ridiculous. The free car park area is full before 9am most days (!) so I have ended up parking in the paid parking section which is stupid expensive for poor uni students. Today I left home a good hour before I did last week, only to get caught … Continue reading

Well, I made it. (barely)

The title says it all really. I just finished my last exam for the semester. So now I’m officially on my summer holidays!! So why don’t I feel as fantastic and relieved as I should? Multiple reasons I guess. Main one is though that I’m fairly certain that I didn’t pass my exam. Which is … Continue reading

Essay writing detour

I’m in the middle of writing an essay – and by in the middle I mean close to finishing – yay! And I need a bit of a break to rejoice in the fact that the semester – and more importantly – the year is almost over! I’m not quite finished uni just yet, but … Continue reading

The results are in!

With great pleasure, I’m happy to announce that I just received my results for uni this semester and I passed everything! πŸ™‚ I know it doesn’t seem like a really huge deal to most people, I guess,Β  but there was one subject in particular that I was legitimately concerned about. Because, well, if I’m going … Continue reading

Exchange vs. Volunteering

Since I started uni about 20 months ago I was set on going on exchange. I wanted to do it from the get go, but I spoke to the exchange advisers and I had to complete a certain amount of units at my own uni before applying for exchange. So I waited patiently and kept … Continue reading


How very typical of me to not mention anything about what I am now studying! Last year I was studying arts/education (majoring in psychology on the arts side) and I realised education (in Australia) really isn’t for me…so I stuck to psychology, and while I really enjoyed the knowledge of it all, I just didn’t … Continue reading