Posted in June 2015

Cape Woolamai

Yesterday I went on an adventure! Since I moved to Melbourne…almost a year ago (WHAT?!) I have been meaning to go out on a hike or walk somewhere, but for a few different reasons, I didn’t get around to doing anything. Until yesterday that is! I looked up a few walking tracks around the coastal … Continue reading

All About Me – Olivia in La La Land

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.” – Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. Well first off, my name is Olivia (what a surprise right?!) anyhow, when I was a child my mind was always wandering off to distant places. I was always the … Continue reading

Love is all that’s left to lose

It’s kind of amazing the places that you can find great music. While I was watching an episode of Criminal MindsΒ the other day, I heard this song…and I have been in love ever since! Ancient Light – by Allman Brown Which has prompted me to check out more of Allman Brown’s songs, and all his … Continue reading

Spending a week at Splendour

At the start of the year I wrote about how I volunteered at Falls Festival, and a few weeks ago I noticed I could apply to volunteer at Splendour in the Grass (which I attended in 2013). They are run by the same people and you can only work or volunteer at Splendour if you … Continue reading

I want my kids to know me*

*if I ever have kids. During recent conversations with my nan and aunty (my mum’s sister), I have gotten to know more about what my mum was like when she was younger…and also a little bit about dad when he first came in the scene. I’ve said to my brother countless times in the past … Continue reading

Gender Fluidity…and Ruby Rose

Over the course of the semester, as some of you would notice, I really got into my ‘sexuality and society’ unit. The idea of gender (and sexuality) fluidity (among other topics) intrigued me, which essentially is the belief that these things are fluid…there is not one defining point about ones gender…or sexuality. Life isn’t as … Continue reading


   I realised I have a problem with telling people how I feel/what I think about them. I don’t lie to them at all, but I’m just not as open as I could or should be. I noticed this the other week when I told a guy I thought he was a “total babe” – … Continue reading

When in doubt…go for a run…and dance!

I forgot how much I enjoy running. Firstly, that’s a weird statement coming from me. However, let me explain myself a bit. Almost my entire life I’d never been a keen exerciser. My brother and sister were always the more athletic ones in the family, and I would opt for sitting on the beach rather … Continue reading

That time at Alcatraz

Back in about 1997 I think it was, my family went on a trip to America, and one of our adventures was to the famous Alcatraz. We had the old school cassette tape tour (as I assume it’s updated to mp3 players or something now), and I was a tad late at pushing play in … Continue reading

Winter is here.

I wish I was a bear. Today is officially the first day of winter. My first official proper Melbourne winter, and I’m already wanting to hibernate. I’m pretty sure I was a bear in a past life, because the cold just makes me sleepy and I want to stay in bed until spring time. I … Continue reading