Posted in July 2014

I Wanna Get Better

I have loved this song for a few months now, and despite some lyrics being a little, odd; there are some parts which really hit home. This song makes me feel so happy, crazy, positive…and, well, BETTER of course!! However, I have found it is most effective when I play it LOUD. Which really only … Continue reading

Everything Passes

Everything comes to pass. Life, hurt, songs, tension, happiness, anxiety, work, friendships, pain, laughter…..and yes, even love. Nothing lasts forever. But that’s no reason to not enjoy the good times, and to learn from the bad. Things come and go, people come and go. Everything comes and leaves our lives to teach us things. It’s … Continue reading

What’s my age again?

Today’s daily prompt is questioning whether or not age is something to be mindful of. “Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore? I believe in the idea that age is just a number and I often try … Continue reading


The other day I had the joy of checking out an old friends art installation. She goes by the name Kuuvesi and has an amazing talent that I wish I had a smidge of. These three paintings were part of an installation that she was lucky enough to score. They are created by bright, glow … Continue reading

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Oh wow, this is probably one of the most nerve-wracking, humbling and inspiring things to happen to me. Thank you to The Road Less Travelled By for nominating for this award. I don’t really know the etiquette for this such thing, so I hope I can pay the kindness forward correctly and nominate other bloggers … Continue reading

peace and love

Peace and Love. Always. Never underestimate the power of love, kindness and forgiveness. Peace to all. Now and forever.

Why I’m not making a bucket list

I assume a lot of people have some form of ‘bucket list’ these days, whether it be scribbled on paper, loose thoughts in their mind, or a meticulously organised numbered spreadsheet and items crossed off by one by as they are completed. I used to have a bit of a mental bucket list, and I … Continue reading

Only Love Can Hurt Like This

On repeat. Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This I tell myself you don’t mean a thing, And what we got, got no hold on me But when you’re not there, I just crumble. I tell myself I don’t care that much, But I feel like I’d die till I feel your touch. … Continue reading


Apologies for being MIA recently, I’ve taken a bit of a voluntary and forced break for a number of reasons that I won’t mention here. Not to worry though, I will be back up and running with new (and old) stuff soon. In the meantime…keep your head up and your heart open. Peace.