Posted in January 2015

fresh new look

welcome! I just decided to spruce things up a little bit here. I hope you like it. Have a great weekend all! peace ✌ Advertisements

Aerial Love

I was never a huge fan of Silverchair, I think I was probably a bit too young for their style of music at the time – however I did like a handful of their songs, just not a whole lot. Anyway, frontman Daniel Johns has (very recently) released a new single from his forthcoming EP in … Continue reading


Why is it called a goodbye anyway? In my experiences, “bye’s” are never good. It should be called a badbye. That is all.

Putting the parts together

Today’s daily prompt: Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow. This was taken from the book 2nd Chance by James Patterson. “My mind tried over and over to put together the parts.” Ha! What a line. It seems like this line is … Continue reading

Ashes and Wine

“Is there a chance? A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel? A reason to fight? Is there a chance you may change your mind? Or are we ashes and wine? – Ashes and Wine by A Fine Frenzy You know how some people avoid goodbyes because they don’t like them? Well, newsflash; … Continue reading

Triple J – Hottest 100

This year I didn’t really feel like voting in the Triple J Hottest 100. Not for any particular reason I don’t think, mostly because there was so much amazing music last year that I knew I would have trouble narrowing it down to just 10 songs. Anyway, I obviously did end up voting – how … Continue reading

It’s a sunshine day

The other night I was at work, and while I was making dinner, my all time favourite guilty pleasure movie was on TV: The Brady Bunch. When this scene came on I realised why I love this movie so much. (It is so lame and tacky, but I can’t help have this immense love for … Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect

“It has been said that something seemingly insignificant, like that of a butterfly flapping its wings may cause a ripple effect that can take you on new adventures beyond your wildest dreams. Be as free as a butterfly, say yes instead of no, and go with the ripples.”


Hey guys and girls, I’m back on instagram! Check it out here: locolivia New photos will also be updated via the widget on the right hand side. Enjoy my pics, peeps. The account will be based on peace, love and happiness….the things life should be all about! Only positive vibes here! Have a wonderful Sunday … Continue reading

Regrets of 2015 (number 1)

I try not to have any many regrets, but sometimes there are little ones that scrape through without being able to control the ability to not regret it. And I guess this ‘regret’ doesn’t 100% count in 2015, but I’m going to say it’s my first (of hopefully very few) regrets for this year. I … Continue reading

I’m giving in

I guess I just forgot that friends can hurt you and break your heart just as much as a lover can. I had a whole post planned out for the above line, but now I can’t think of what to say. Long story short, I recently (re-)became friends with, well…an old friend (who had initially broke … Continue reading

Fantastic Falls

Over the new year break I went out to the wilderness and volunteered at a music festival. I mention wilderness because it was literally in amongst a rainforest, and the particular spot I was camping I had to walk through enormous and beautiful trees and scrub before looking for my tent in a big heap … Continue reading

Because I can

And a big happy birthday to me on this fine day! Whoever said you can’t wish yourself a happy birthday? No one! So, that’s that. I’m wishing myself a happy birthday, because I can.