Posted in February 2015

You’re a million miles away

I love a random moment when a great new song enters my life. Last week it was this which I forgot to post. Ryan Hemsworth featuring Dawn Golden – Snow in Newark. The lyrics, the melody, the emotions, the instruments; just everything about this song is so perfectly bound together. It’s just so beautiful! That … Continue reading

Shopping for opportunity

I’ve always loved shopping at op shops. There are so many great and wonderful things to be found, and generally items are in a sense, “original”. What I mean by that is that if you go shopping at your average shop in a shopping centre, you will find a number of the same item in … Continue reading

Writer’s block

I’m annoyed. I’ve been wanting to blog a lot more lately while I’m still on uni holidays, but I just can’t find the motivation, or the words, or the ideas. Well I kind of have a few ideas and feelings that have been going on in my life, but I just don’t feel the desire … Continue reading

searching for the answer

I’ve been trying to find the answer within myself about a few things over the past, well lets say 12-18 months, but it’s been a lot more prominent the last few months. And I think I’m finally getting somewhere. One main question in particular that has been bothering me, I’m starting to realise the reason … Continue reading