Posted in February 2017

Go Float Yourself!

Have you heard of flotation tanks? You might have also heard them being called sensory deprivation tanks? Anyway, they are these big tanks, or β€˜pods’ that are filled with water and magnesium sulphate so that when you lay in the water, (you guessed it) you float! I’ve been wanting to try it out for a … Continue reading

New things

I made a spontaneous purchase the other day. Seeing as my laptop got stolen…again. Yes, for the second time, after getting it back from the pawn shop after it was stolen the first time…it was stolen again. Anyway, I was tired of not having a computer. So, the other day after work, instead of going … Continue reading

People and Change

I must say, this opinion of people changing really hits the nail on the head. So many people think and believe that “people can’t change” (or don’t change).  But I disagree.  I believe that change is entirely  possible. I’ve seen it with my own eyes…hell, I’ve seen it within myself!  I love learning and growing … Continue reading