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Today was a magical day

The journey of today. Today was one of those days. You know, the type of day where you don’t really have any proper plans, you just drift through what you feel and it ends up being a really relaxing, peaceful and magical day. It started with catching up with a friend of mine who I … Continue reading

I hate planning!!

I don’t know why, but I have a fear of planning things. Especially things that can’t really be changed. I’ve been tossing and turning for about 2-3 weeks now and totally avoiding booking flights for my end of year/end of uni holiday, and I just can’t seem to bite the bullet and book it! Even … Continue reading

The bible is just a book

Disclaimer: First and foremost, I do not intend to offend anyone (in general life, but mostly in this post). This is not me having a stab at any religions. I am respectful of everyone’s beliefs and I do not wish to undermine anyone’s personal opinions on religion or life. I am simply stating a conclusion … Continue reading


Ahhhh!! I haven’t even watched this doco yet, or gone through the majority of the website BUT I felt the need to share it as soon as I could. I’ve been seeing signs all around Melbourne at the moment for this ‘cowspiracy’ documentary and I only just remembered/had the chance to look it up now. … Continue reading

RAW for the oceans

On my walk to uni from the car park, I pass a poster that is this RAW for the oceans. I didn’t quite know what it was or about, but I eventually remembered to look it up yesterday when I got home. It’s a clothing line curated by Pharrell Williams that basically cleans up the … Continue reading

The Wake Up Project

About a week or so ago a friend told me about these kindness cards, so, naturally I ordered some. They were delivered in the mail a couple of days ago, and I’m super excited to begin my journey of showing the world some more kindness with the intention of paying it forward (I’m generally fairly … Continue reading

A must *listen* video

This video has been circulating the internet since the ultra upsetting death of the legend that was Robin Williams. I have watched this video countless amount of times, and occasionally I watched it while closing my eyes and absorbing each and every word. I really encourage you to do the same because the words from … Continue reading

Are you too busy?

Do you want to know what each and every human being on this earth has in common with each other? The amount of hours per day. No one is ever “too busy”, we all just have different priorities. Do what makes you happy. We are the creators of our own destiny. We are the creations … Continue reading


Upon struggling with a decision I was trying to make, a dear friend told me to read this script again and to use it to help me make my decision and to stick with it once it’s made. I forgot how powerful and beautiful this piece of text is. If you want to see a … Continue reading

Sunrise at the top of the world

Today’s Daily Prompt asks this: New Dawn How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…). I love sunrise, and sunset – however I rarely am awake early enough for sunrise because I really enjoy a … Continue reading

Why become a vegan you ask?

Earlier tonight a friend sent me a link to a debate based on why animals should be taken off menus, which was great. And after I finished watching it, I went on a bit of a YouTube browse and came across this guy Gary Yourofsky‘s lecture, and OH  MY GOD he is amazing! He completely refers … Continue reading

Mantra 9/6/2014

Upon watching the film ‘Into the Wild’ last night (for only the second time in my life), I am still moved and inspired by the movie/story/life of Chris McCandless. There are some aspects of what he did that I wish, or hope, one day that I can do. Although I would never go to the extent he … Continue reading

Child of the Universe

I am a child of the universe. I am not bound by any constricting views. I am not limited to a particular culture, race, gender, religion, country, social class, I’m not defined by my looks, my language, my background, what I eat, what I believe in, who I am friends with, what I study, Life … Continue reading

Nothing is coincidence

*The beginning of this post has been a long time coming, I just wasn’t sure how to finish it off. I’m still not sure I’ve finished it off well, but that’s ok by me.* Sometimes I wonder if we ever really know ourselves. I mean at times, sure, I don’t understand myself and things that … Continue reading

Am I Wrong?

A friend said to me the other day after I sent him this song “you never cease to dazzle me with your music findings”. I was quite chuffed by this statement, even though it doesn’t really bother me if other people like what I’m into or anything, but for some reason this really made me feel good … Continue reading

I Love Diversity

Well, it’s no surprise that I love music, especially going to gigs and all sorts of things that involve “live music”, so last night I went to a gig with my ultimate “gig buddy”, I swear she is my perfect match when it comes to music. My complete vastness of what I enjoy, she reciprocates. … Continue reading

Josh Radnor – Kindness Matters

I found this piece a little while ago, and looking at the date now, I wish I had’ve seen it much earlier than I did. Nevertheless, the content is still as truthful and accurate as the day he said it and something that I wholeheartedly agree with. Josh Radnor seems like such an amazing person … Continue reading

I don’t belong here.

I’ve recently come to the realisation that I don’t belong here. In Australia. Well, in Brisbane. I don’t yet know where I do belong, but I know that I am so unhappy here, I have always been unhappy here. I try so hard to be happy and satisfied, but when I do, it doesn’t last … Continue reading

Coming down with a bug…the travel bug.

Recently we’ve had a fair few housemates/travellers/backpackers staying with us for a couple of weeks, and it’s really got me itching to go travelling again. I miss the lifestyle, the ability to up and leave to a different state or country whenever you feel like it. I miss not having to be tied down to … Continue reading