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Drive You Mad

It’s funny how someone can write a song that you feel as if it relates to you so much that you could have written yourself. I have this moment often. This song is no exception. Running away Oh, I felt like this yesterday And if there’s a problem, you’d want to know Who’s in my … Continue reading

New things

I made a spontaneous purchase the other day. Seeing as my laptop got stolen…again. Yes, for the second time, after getting it back from the pawn shop after it was stolen the first time…it was stolen again. Anyway, I was tired of not having a computer. So, the other day after work, instead of going … Continue reading

The reason I’ve been MIA

To those of you who wait and ponder over what my next post is about, or what’s the new chapter of my life story; I apologise for making you sit and squirm in anticipation! I have been MIA for one main reason; and that is, that about two months ago, my home had been broken … Continue reading

Welcome to the Jungle

I’m just going to leave this here. Tash Sultana – Welcome to the Jungle I see the way you move It’s fluid Be here by my side Got nothing to hide I know that you’re hurting I see the tears behind those eyes And I can’t wipe them clear Your love is like gold to … Continue reading

Being brave

Today I was telling someone how I ended up where I did, and he asked if I had family or friends here; or if I was married or anything, I said ‘no’ to all of the above and that it’s just me and my dog. I told him that I moved up on an instinct … Continue reading

I should be writing

I haven’t written in ages.  I should be writing now.  But it’s such a perfectly peaceful and relaxing day as the rain is falling on the roof, that I ended up spending most of it lazing about at home and on my (new) couch while listening to the sweet, chilled, vibing tunes of The XX, … Continue reading


Now, before you get all judgey about me listening to this song, I want to first up say, I do not enjoy this song. I am writing about this song, from an – okay, judgey perspective. When I first heard this song I couldn’t help but laugh and think of how sexual it is! What … Continue reading

Day: 10 – what is your guilty pleasure?

I have a number of guilty pleasures I think. I have a few songs, movies, foods, and even a book or two. But my ultimate guilty pleasure ‘moment’ would have to be taking a bath that is surrounded by candles, crystals, and incense, while listening to some chilled out meditation/nature/acoustic style music. Ah, just absolute … Continue reading

Something Like Olivia

Last night some friends of friends were over for drinks and BBQ or whatever (I say ‘whatever’ because I wasn’t involved – or should I say, I didn’t involve myself), I was busy tending to a few personal things that I needed to get done. Anyway, they came in and mentioned that I had been … Continue reading

Why are people mean to others?

I just don’t get it. I hardly ever watch music videos, I just don’t have much of an interest in them, and sometimes they can alter the way I feel about a song. Tonight, I was listening to a random playlist on YouTube, and in a moment of repose and tea drinking, my attention to … Continue reading


Reply to the Daily Prompt: Sing I have been in a huge sing-along mood this weekend, and I’ve also been majorly channeling my inner black woman with a manly voice – none other than the Tracy Chapman! So this playlist of her ‘best of’ songs has been playing on repeat; and LOUD; with me singing … Continue reading

JT – you’ve done it again

Oh. My. Fucking. Goodness. I am so obsessed with this song right now! I feel bad for my flat mate as I’ve been playing it almost on repeat the past two days. It’s my new go-to happy-go-lucky; mood-boosting; smile-inducing; dancing-around-the-place; warm-and-fuzzy feeling song! Happy Sunday everyone. Peace and Love.

Those relatable feels

“What Hurts The Most” – Rascal Flatts I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house That don’t bother me I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out I’m not afraid to cry every once in a while Even though going on with you gone still … Continue reading

You’re Out of Your Mind

Whoa this song! A friend shared it with me a few months ago, but back then, I wasn’t really feeling it. And then about a week or so ago, I was on the beach watching the sunset, dancing to my most recently loved songs on my phone, when this one popped up, and I stopped, … Continue reading

December 25th

On this exact day two years ago, my whole world broke into a million pieces. On this exact day one year ago, music and the beach saved my life. I managed to find all the broken pieces, and over the past 12 months I have been slowly putting them back together. I think it’s safe … Continue reading

I am not my labels

I’m trying to find words to complement this video…but I can’t. It pretty much sums up my thoughts on labels so much. I wrote something a while back about being labelled a vego or something (I can’t find the post), and I just think labels aren’t life or anything. Anyway, watch the vid. We are … Continue reading

I’m still breathing

When I was having a really down day a few days ago, this song popped into my head and wouldn’t go away until I listened to it. Sia is just magic. I’m not sure if I posted it some years ago (probably not), but her song Breathe Me is another that just hits me in the chest … Continue reading

Don’t try to change the world

I heard these lyrics in a song on the radio a few weeks ago, and I just thought it was the best piece of advice one could be given when it comes to changing the world and finding your passion. Don’t try to change the world, Find something that you love And do it every … Continue reading


Despite the fact that I’m half-way through my FINAL semester of uni after 4 years…it has got me like Seth Sentry’s song “Dumb” 😂